The legend of Xmas turkey

image Whether it is Italy and it’s panettone or Mexico with its romeritos,  something that prevails in many many countries is the presence of a roast turkey at the Christmas table. Sometimes smoked,  sometimes stuffed or however it may come it seems to be the all time star of the holiday dinners but why? Some say the tradition was introduced into England around the 1540’s and later made its way into the US jumping to fame in 1843 when Charles Dickens dedicated a few pages of “A Christmas Carol” to its existence.

Now,  how did it get to England?

Apparently the conquistadors brought it from Mexico! Once in Spain the merchants who traded between England and many other destinations and who were settled in the a Turkish empire realized this bird was way cheaper than the options most European were choosing such as Guinea fowls (which came from Turkey) and game. The new “Turkey bird” quickly made an impression since it was not only affordable but also due to its diet on worms and insects complemented with grains it’s flavor was milder than geese which could be fishy at times or game which could be quite strong and as far as the Guinea fowls the size of the turkey could by far feed more people.

So it is thanks to Mexico? Who would have thought..

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A little history doesn’t hurt anyone!

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Italia Rodriguez

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