The world of Mason Jars


What is it about mason jars that we love them so much? Maybe it is the hippie, kind of picnic outdoors feeling that they give us.. Maybe since they look like recycled glasses we feel better about using them (once upon a time they were)… Or is it just fashion? Lets take a look at the why, where and how of mason jars.

Mason jars were used once upon a time to preserve food, such as jams, pickled veggies and so on. Due to its hermetic system invented and patented in 1858 by John Landis Mason, this jars quickly made it into the big leagues of all time kitchen items used worldwide.

Nowadays mason jars have become a hit, not particularily to preserve food anymore but as trendy glasses to hold cocktails in sunny days. Even big trendy hotels are using them to give drinks a kick of farm to table feeling. This jars can also be used for iced tea and smoothies.

No need to buy the lids, just the gass will do. Get some herbs to infuse any cocktail you usualy do and like, lets say a margarita with a rim of salt and you throw some lemongrass in it and voilá! If it is a smoothie don’t forget to top it up with something fruity or grainy, lets say chia seeds or half strawberry.


Now very important.. ITS ALL ABOUT THE STRAW! Mason jars with a simple black or white straw will lose the magic! Remember vintage goes well with vintage alone. Try getting some paper straws with the typical pastel colors and you will see how amazing it will look no matter the content. Great for picnics, outdoor parties or themed nights!


Now for these ocassions spare a couple of the same glasses for decor. No need to buy expensive flowers anymore, just toss inside some basil, cilantro, dill and wild flowers and you will have a fresh, simple centerpiece. For a more delicate look, buy some acrilic paint and paint the inside with pastel colors depending on your theme. Be careful on color matching, lets say if you choose white any color of flower except for white will do; if you get blue or green then white or yellow flowers will match.


Yes, mason jars can also be used for home made lamps! All you need is to buy the lid and make a hole in it the size of the bulb plug (pardon my english at times I have no idea how to call certain things)… and paint it the same color so it looks neat!


Another one is.. to use them to hold kitchen utencils, stationery, brushes and so on. Imagine in a white kitchen to have mason jars painted as a rainbow with utencils inside? gorgeous!


How about making a gorgeous vintage looking homemade soap dispenser? also super easy to do, just need to buy the top part in a metalic color so it looks even. Make a whole on the lid and pass it through.


Last but not least.. actually best for last an amazing spice rack.. wait for it… the jars are attached to a steel sheet with magnets, how clever is that?! Looks amazing and it is very very efficient!


I wish this post could last forever! There are many many more ideas whether it is for baking, storing, decorating and so on, on Pinterest and here, here and here.


  1. I love this! Brilliant ideas. Will definitely try some where. I get home… especially the flowers and the cocktails in the jars!


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