Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Boxing day..


As the season turns sparkly and the shopping turns crazy, let’s take a quick look at what Black Friday and Cyber Monday looked like this year and what is next to come for Boxing day.

As far as Black Friday, this year it seems like only electronics retailers (such as Best Buy) hit the spot, even when Walmart stock was, just like previous years, ridiculously discounted the shopping flow was rather lethargic with a 7% decline from last year (according to the National Retail Federation).

Interestingly enough, online sales increased by 23% by the end of Cyber Monday from which 52% was on mobile devices. One of the most benefited was Amazon with an massive grow in sales of 23%.

This tells me that we are getting more and more tired of the hustle of going to the shops to fight for goodies (why doing so when you can do the same in your PJs with a glass of chardonnay in your hand?). So what will happen to boxing day in the UK then?


I remember that festive season in 2010 when a record of 100,000 shoppers crossed the Selfridges doors within the first couple hours. *Watch this madness* You could see ladies fighting from the same dress through the windows as thousands of tourists invaded Oxford Street.


Now the challenge will be for the online portals to support that flow online, so I guess instead of boxing day they shall call it “bidding day” or “clicking day” or even “paypal day”…

In my opinion all of this is leading to shopping apocalypse, at least for foodies. Don’t tell me you don’t simply love smelling every single type of English breakfast tea before you buy it? Trying different aged cheeses before you bring the perfect one home? Well I guess I would rather keep “boxing” every December 26th if that’s how I shall get a handcrafted special edition of champagne caramelized violet petals from Nice at Harrods if I may say…

How about you?

More about this here and here.

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