Apps for Foodies/Winelovers/Beerlovers/Sybarites!!

Phones and tablets are a body part and they travel with us everywhere literally, hence there are many great apps that have been developed to make our lives easier and also to educate us on several matters such as wine, artisanal beers and the making of several great dishes. Here some of my favorites to start 2015 with..

One of my favorites is EatWith where you search for a homemade meal at some chef around the world or even be a host! Yes you choose a location and find who is hosting a brunch, dinner or so. Book a seat and secure a payment, join the party and enjoy.


Cookpad Recipes is an app to write your own recipes on a step by step format. Follow people and get stats on audience. According to recipes liked, others will appear.


Vegan heaven! Deliciously Ella has lots and lots of recipes with great pictures. Very visual app easy to use. Search for gluten-free vegan recipes either by category or by ingredient.


Vegetarian paradise at Riverford Veg recipes. This app allows you to choose veggies and search for over 700 recipes in a fun and interactive way. unfortunately just for Iphone at the moment.riverford

For beer lovers there is Untappd, create a profile and make reviews tagging the place where you had the beer. Get other reviews on the same beer and similar beer suggestions.

Great app for wine lovers.. Vivino allows you to snap a photo of the label and you will get info on the wine you are drinking as well as reviews from other users and where is the closest location to buy it. Easy and useful! You start little by little uploading tasting notes for people to follow you and you can also follow other users.

Another very useful app for those who worship wine is the Wine Spectator’s which offers vintage charts and info on several wines so that you get an insight from the experts on the wine you are about to purchase or drink. You can also get a ranking and an average price.


As far as wine goes there are a few others that have interesting elements such as Plonk with a great ABC of grapes and their characteristics, also there is Wine Simplified which has an interactive marridage cheat sheet to know on the spot what would be the best wine to pair with whatever you may be ordering or cooking.abcpair

Last but not least, if you are into Pinterest the you will love Yummly, this app has easy access to thousands of recipes and you can create your boards just like on Pinterest and search for many recipes. What I loved about this one is the chart with nutritional data on each recipe so you know what you are eating!  yumm

If you find another great app please let me know!

Happy browsing!


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