Milk bath


There are several ways in which a luscious milk bath can be prepared and not necessarily getting 25 gallons of milk to fill your tub!

The home-made recipe goes as follows:

Mix one cup of raw honey into two cups of boiling water. It is important to dissolve the honey in very hot water to avoid it from sinking in your tub and so it mixes properly.


Fill your tub with warm water to half its capacity then add one liter of whole milk.


Fill the rest of the tub with water until it reaches the temperature desired. If the milk is added to already hot water it can cook the protein making it split.

The most important part is adding the essential oils that will transport you to another planet.. whether it is lavender for relaxation or peppermint for freshness.. orange and bergamot for energy or jasmin with star anise to make you sleepy.



Finally some natural fruit or flower can be added. Rose petals with caress your skin and give a nice delicate aroma or lavender in grains is always better than the oil.

My personal favorite is Almond essence and some drops of almond oil too since it doubles the hydration specially for damaged hair. If you feel it greasy after your bath it is normal, leave it overnight and have a normal shower the next morning.





milk lavender




If you feel weird about throwing regular milk into your bath then try some great products like RICA milk baths with bergamot or basil and mint.





Another that is quite nice is the Dot & Lil milk bath mix.




Find a great recipe here that will give you a step by step DYI recipe. I envision this as a great gift to give instead of bath bombs from Lush!

Who would ave thought that the kitchen ingredients would provide us with such pampering?!

If you add to this an ice cold glass of pinot grigio it would be even better! Sit back and relax..

Happy bathing!

Your host,


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