Chia: Queen Seed


What if you could find Omega 3, phosphorus, manganese, protein, fibre, calcium and the energy of an espresso in a healthy, non processed, gluten free, caffeine free product?

The Aztecs got it right once again with Chia seeds, one of the most powerful superfoods there are. This millenary tiny seed (1mm long) is the dream since it will boost your energy, provide you with fiber and make you feel full so you can receive some help on your weight loss program.

Before the Spanish arrived to America, Chia was the third mostly grown element in Mexican civilizations (being maiz the first and beans the second) and harvest was up to 1500 tons a year.  They were well aware of the vast benefits of this tiny seed and was used not only as a superfood (warriors carried it with them as an energy supply) but also as a remedy for indigestion and as an oil form it was of great use to have nicer skin and to make paint for decoration purposes. Chia comes from the mayan word


Chia’s original name is Salvia Hispanica and it grows in medium size bushes with a purple flower that looks very similar to that in basil. 


Some great Chia facts:

  • Thanks to it’s content in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and protein, it is great for your bones
  • It contains a great deal of vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, minerals and fiber
  • It is the highest non-animal source of Omega 3 in nature
  • Helps regulate levels of cholesterol
  • Gluten free, odor free, flavor free
  • Great source of energy
  • Regulates digestion
  • Appetite suppressor (great for dieting!)
  • Low sodium

How to eat Chia

Not only this seeds are super healthy but also very useful!

Due to the fact that they glutin (they react to water creating a gelatin all around it), chia can be used as a substitute for eggs when you are making lets say a pie. Drop half cup of chia seeds into the blender in order to powder them and later on while cooking mix one tablespoon of powder plus three tablespoons of water to get the same consistency that you would get in one egg.


This chia powder can also be used as a thickening agent for sauces, gravy and stocks.

Chia can be used instead of breading for poultry, fish or veggies (toasted taste great and it adds a nutty flavor).

Chia Tuna

If you wont have time to have breakfast in the morning, drop a couple table spoons into your orange juice before going to the shower (make sure you stir until it glutins, otherwise it will clutter altogether), this will leave you feeling full for hours.

I like it with vitamin water on my way to work


If you’re not into juice try it with milk for a smoothie like consistency (or if you don’t stir that much you will get a porridge like dish).


An amazing and quite healthy dessert you can make with this seeds it’s a vanilla pudding. Simply mix the ingredients and stir until the chia starts to glutin then leave in the fridge, as easy as that:

-1 cup of vanilla almond milk

-1/3 cup of whole chia seeds

-2tbp of maple syrup (or another sweetener of your choice such as honey)

-1tbp pf vanilla extract



Nowadays there is an infinite list of suppliers for chia products. I personally love the chia oil from Maya Chia which is a treat for your tired skin (let’s say after a long flight).


Theres so much material on this seeds that I think I will wrote a second post, it would be a shame not to mention cookies, bread, soap, decor and so much more that can be done!

Keep posted! For more on chia go here and  here.

Happy cooking!

Your host



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