From wasted talent to Michelin star!

You would be surprised to know how much talent it is wasted around the wold. In several countries under different circumstances I have come across people that have a profession and a hobby. The profession they complete daily with an average performace  but their hobby… dear Lord they perfom with inadmissible perfection. Indeed, many people choose careers for comfort or money but not necesarily for a passion that springs from the bottom of their heart or their gut.

This post talks about “Come un Chef” a french comedy from 2012, that is highly recommended for those who appreciate a good “nose” as we say in culinary terms. Specialy for those who have studied or grown in a traditional kitchen and believe that chefs like Escoffier will always rule the world no matter what.

This movie reminded me of the fact that there are many hidden chefs around the world that have not got a chance to spark, just as there are musicians, painters and writers that are too scared of not conquering the top. The idea of getting paid doing what you love has been overrated and even transformed into a taboo. Many of us like to do what others call hobbies but for us it is a lifetime path.

I enjoyed this movie thoroughly, it not only made me laugh constantly but I had some remembrances of my times at the Cordon Bleu with the typical Michelin star French chefs (strict as hell), where traditional is the only way to go and the love and respect for ingredients is vital for success.

To watch in spanish click here, unfortunately the film is not available in French or English to stream 😦

I hope you enjoy!

Happy Watching!


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