Olive Oil Recipes: Home made Infusions

Quick recipes to make your own infused olive oils and upgrade your way of cooking!

All you need is a standard olive oil and several aromatic ingredients such as:

-Fresh ginger
-Fresh basil
-Dried (or fresh) oregano
-Dried bay leaf
-Mix of peppercorns

Make sure you bring the aromas out according to each ingredient, whether it is mashing the peppercorn, slicing the ginger or rubbing the oregano. Then add the ingredients of your choice to a bottle and pour the olive oil to infuse.

In this video we did mixed peppercorn oil, ginger oil, garlic and oregano oil and bay leaf with basil. Feel free to mix the ingredients according to your taste!

Let the oils infuse at least for a week.

Oils with dry ingredients last longer (about four months) than oils with fresh ingredients (two months).

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Your host,

Italia Rodriguez

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