Lamb with a maguey honey and coriander seeds glaze

Easy and delicious recipe for lamb.

In this video I used a deboned rack of lamb but there’s always a beauty of a rack with bones too so both will work.

This recipe calls for 500gr of lamb (consider the weight off the bones if you use a full rack).  Something important is to make sure you take off all the extra fat, you can use it when you pan fry the lamb but later on it will make your dish too heavy so use the trimmings just for the taste then take them off.

The most important thing is to have an extremely hot pan with some oil.  The hotter the better the cooking point (if looking for a medium rare, if not then reduce the heat so it cooks longer..  Just please please think twice before doing this since a medium rare is way better).

Have one cup of wine vinegar and put to to simmer with 6tbsp of coriander seeds and 3tbsp of mustard seeds until you have about 1/3 left.  It must be nice and syrupy. Add 1/2 cup of maguey honey (if too difficult to get,  use agave honey) and let simmer a bit more until thick.

Once the meat and the glaze are ready,  pour the glaze on the meat and set the oven on a broiling mode so that the temperature is high only on top of the meat in order to get a nice dark crust.

Once nice and crispy slice the meat and plate nicely.

Happy cooking!

Your host,


Your host,

Italia Rodriguez

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