Wine movie: A good year

A Good Year


Wine brings people together, not only in social gatherings but in the family histories trapped inside.

A film from 2006 based on a novel by Peter Mayle. A delicious easy movie with many laughs and iced hearted people that slowly get warmer drinking some homemade wine and enjoying remembrances of past memoires.

The link a winemaker builds with the land is as strong and as similar as a mother to child. They grow together, blom together, suffer together and mature together. A good harvest producing a remarkable wine is a sucees they both share and celebrate.

This movie reminds me of the importance of spending time in the countryside. For some of us who were blessed to spend time in rural spaces, we undestand that nature can touch the most sensitive tissues in our heart by being surrounded by flowers and rivers.

Later on we continue with our paths and forget sometimes that it was the stillness and calmness of the countryside that gave us a piece of mind.. and when we rediscover the smell of terroir in the vineyard we realize it was always there, what we needed to feel alive once more.

I hope you enjoy this movie about family, wine and love.

Best quote on wine? “This sublime nectar is quite simply incapable of lying. Picked too early, picked too late, it matters not – the wine will always whisper into your mouth with complete, unabashed honesty every time you take a sip”




Happy watching!

Your host,


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