What to eat and drink on a rainy day


There are several types of rain.. If you live in London or Seattle you know what I mean. In Thailand when it rains it pours for five minutes then sun comes out again, shiny and warm, same in Cancun for example but when I lived in Seattle and London I came to know the tiny rain that you barely feel but after walking a block you are socked wet…

There’s food for those different types of rainy days and here I share with you 10 of my freezing/pouring/nasty weather favs..

Let’s start by saying that this morning in Mexico City it snowed. As crazy as it sounds the wind was so bad that threes fell on the streets and schools were suspended. So of course under this situations your body asks for certain elements and here’s what I suggest :

1. Rich creamy soup

Traditional French onion soup

I will always remember that time when I arrived to Interlaken with my family and there were almost 2m of snow and the weather was unbearable. Then we found a little family hotel that served us a rich mushroom soup with a mix of cheeses from the area and I felt like my heart was warmed up immediately..

Find here some great comfort soup recipes to lift that spirit up..

2. Tisanas

Fresh oregano

There has always been a discussion of whether tisanas are those that actually boil in water and infusions are those which do not boil but rest in hot water.. whatever the case MAKE YOURSELF A NICE CUP OF TEA! If there is something I learnt in England is that there’s no such time as tea time (which in strict British terms is 5pm) but tea can and must be drank all day long. Tisanas go more towards the flower and fruit content. Dont be afraid of making your own mixing!


3. Alcoholic warm beverages

Irish coffee

This time I immediately remembered that christmas at Montreux with the cold burning my face and suddenly finding that little spot for mulled wine.. HEAVEN! I insist that a nice warm drink is always better with a kick.. Think of an Irish coffee or a hot cocoa with a dash od Baileys.. mmm delish!

Go here for some amazing hot drink recipes that will warm you up quickly and make you blush.

4. Fondue

Swiss fondue

Swiss are very well known for their chocolate but also for their fondues. Most of the year the weather there is very very cold and they have several comforting warm fondues that not necessarily are always made of cheese! However it is the most traditional one and it also holds several recipes..

Check out these cheese fondue recipes for those grey rainy days…

5. Spicy saucy dishes

Vegetarian spicy noodles at Wagamama

Whether Asian, Mexican or African recipes (amongst many others) there are several delicious dishes that are saucy and the spice makes the trick. In many countries they use chili’s capsaicin to warm up and this trick will work for sure!

6. Baked dishes

“Pastel Azteca” chicken, green salsa, tortillas, corn, cheese, all layered.

When I think of baked dishes I immediately imagine a nice lasagna coming out of the oven with the cheese melting as I serve, but there are many  other baked goodies that will make your day if the cold won’t let you think such as pot pies, soufflees and more.

Check these out and choose whatever catches your eye..

Classic lasagna

7. Casseroles

Green salsa and pork casserole

Casseroles are typically dishes that cook for long periods of time (lets say 6 hours at the least) and they contain a protein and usually potatoes which with the cooking time they fall apart giving the stew a thick consistency that is irresistible to defrost yourself.

For ten great ideas on home made casseroles try these recipes..


8. Risottos


I am not a great fan of risotto myself since it tends to be heavy and creamy (which is exactly what you need on a cold day!). I must admit that in such situations (snowy, stormy and basically blue) a risotto will definitely be the solution!

Try out this collection of risotto recipes to get rid of that gloomy feeling..


9. Sweet and savory pies

My mother’s famous tart tartin

When you think of a pie maybe you imagine a lemon pie or so.. In England a pie is mostly savory, the most famous ones are the chicken and mushroom pie or the steak and kidney pie (for those who think there’s nothing traditional to british cuisine but fish and chips). Also you will find many sweet pies or tarts that are perfect for a sad weather (specially coming right out of the oven!).

Here you can find some recipes for great savory pies to try out and here’s another great source for sweet pies or tarts to forget about that wind that almost blew you away..

10. Pho/Ramen

Chili chicken ramen at Wagamama

My Asian readers will agree on this one with me, theres nothing like a warm broth with noodles. There are a million recipes for these two amazing dishes that I consider “cousins” since the idea is similar.. You will find broth, noodles (several kinds of), a protein (whether chicken, beef or tofu), scallions, and so on..

Here a recipe for pho so you can try it out..


Few recipes for you here but if you want some other don’t hesitate to drop me a line! I’m here for you!

Now go ahead and enjoy the cold being warm inside!

Your host (who is always cold no matter what)



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