What to do when chilis are too hot?

Many of us around the world have felt the urge to try some recipes that involve chili, whether stuffed (like I’ll show here) or in other recipes like salsa or pico de gallo. Unfortunately sometimes chilis are killer hot but theres a solution to that!

First of all theres something you should know about chili…


The component that makes something “hot” is called capsaicin and some chilis have more than others. The capsaicin glands are stored in long white stripes called placenta and this is what makes the chili hot hot!


Sometimes some of the capsaicin will remain in the seeds and that why people think that the seeds are the enemy but beware that is false! Look at the picture, these white stripes that in spanish we call “veins” are the ones you should take off..

imag2595.jpg    imag2596.jpg

Clean them up!

You can use a spoon to scrape off the veins and get rid of the seeds as well. Give them a rinse afterwards!

Still hot? Use milk!

If your chilis are still unedible boil them up in a 50%-50% mix of milk and water. The fat in milk breaks down the capsaicin like I mentioned in the Balancing Flavors post. If you are vegan you can use coconut milk too!

Easy recipe for mini stuffed peppers!

Make some bolognese sauce with ground beef (or soy meat if you are vegan) and marinara sauce (tomato, onion, garlic and oregano or basil). And mix them up.

Oil a tray up and place your peppers filled with the bolognese sauce..

Place some cheese of your choice on top to melt it down in the oven.

Bake at 250º for 10 minute or until the cheese has melted.




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