Mystery guest, a movie


Today we will talk about the life of a mystery  guest (in case of a hotel) or mystery shopper for restaurants and other establishments. It is not an easy job and requires several qualifications such as being available at all times (thus not having a personal life), being knowledgeable on the functioning of the establishment as well as the products and mostly being an actress (choosing to be whomever you decide to be)..

This Italian movie made my day as I remembered my experiences performing the art of auditing secretly.. Let me tell you some fun stories and recommend such movie..

This is a great comedy that transports you into the daily life of a mystery guest and if you have been one, it will make you laugh like crazy with remembrances..

There’s a few things I couldn’t not laugh about while watching this movie like the servers using string to make sure the glassware on the tables is accurately aligned, knowing more of the hotel than the actual employees and of course the typical forever-alone question “Table only for one?” or “Are you alone?” (well no stupid it is me and my two imaginary friends, can’t you see them?). If I say I laugh is because it is all real, a 100% and it reminded me of many funny situations in which I felt like helping the servers or telling them off (come on don’t carry 10 wine glasses without a tray!) but could not since I was a “regular guest”.


The idea of travelling constantly to try different hotels and restaurants around the world may sound delightful but believe me at some point it catches up with you if you don’t enjoy at least a little part of it. And of course on the other hand, you become so accustomed to it that even when you travel for pleasure you are working and in an automatic mode you start auditing for set up, cleanliness of uniforms, timing of service, temperature of beverages and so on.. and yes, in many cases end up doing a report as a complaint letter presenting every point (feeling way too anxious not to do so).


But there are many positive points to this job, if you enjoy photography, food, reading and spas then you shall enjoy even when working. Sights can be marvelous and well eating and ordering room service is part of the job as well as enjoying the spa, that can’t be so terrible can it? Besides against what many may say you’ll always find a little time to walk around great cities, markets and even find time for a museum or concert.


For us, devoted travelers, there is a magic on being abroad, listening to a different language, watching foreign landscapes, colors, music, flavors.. even when this is by ourselves (actually there’s something particularly special about enjoying this alone, it becomes as if you were a sponge and could suck it all in).


Travelling enlightens you.. and isolates you too.. which one will have more impact in your life? Do not miss this movie!!

Best phrase:

“È bene tenere a mente che benessere e felicità sono concetti strettamente personali. Per alcuni il senso di libertà ed avventura è un elemento irrinunciabile di questa esperienza. Fidatevi del vostro istinto. Questo viaggio è vostro. Sta a voi scegliere come farlo”.

“it’s good to have in mind that wellbeing and happiness are matters strictly personal. For some the sense of freedom and adventure are unquittable elements of this experience. Trust your instinct. This is your journey. It’s up to you to choose how to do it”.

You can watch Viaggio Sola here..

Happy traveling



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