Avocado Universe

Avocado, the king of fruits that has even more potassium than bananas, holds the prize of the most consumed worldwide.

There are several types of avocado but in my opinion the top one is called Hass. It is a man-made variety first cultivated in Southern-California of which the number one producer is Mexico (proudly).

Lets take a look at a couple infographics with shocking facts and stats to then move over to some amazing recipes!

The consumption of avocado has been growing and by looking at the numbers it will go on and on.

Since it is hard to get great ripen avocados year round, now there are some pulps in the market that will do the trick. Make sure you check that your pulp is completely natural, this means that it has not been diluted with water! If you find a chunky pulp then you are a winner. Taste may vary slightly according to the quality of the pulp. I consider “Guacamolito” one of the best quality products since it respects the fruit and its absolute fresh taste.

Winner recipes!

Here are some of my favorite recipes for using avocado (or pulp) and guess what? Is not guac!!!

Potasium breakfast bomb

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night when you stretch and get a leg cramp? This could mean you are lacking potasium! Use this winner recipe to get a complete breakfast in one smoothie.

1/2 cup sliced banana

1/2 cup avocado pulp

1/4 cup yogurt

3 tbs honey

If you want to make it vegan use coconut yogurt and agave syrup.

Pic courtesy of buzzfeed.com

Vegan rolls

The idea behind this recipe is that you can play around with the ingredients you add inside the filling. Your base will be rice wrappers and avocado, from there you can add cucumber, raw carrots, onion and so on.. For some ideas check this pages out..

Fresh Spring Rolls

Fresh Avocado Summer Rolls with Peanut Dipping Sauce

Homemade avocado icecream

MMost of the recipes for avocado icecream are quite simple. Avocado has a high fat content and this allows you to also use it as a base for vegan icecreams. If you use coconut milk, avocado and a sweetner you can keep avocado as a flavor but also adding cocoa powder, mixed berries and so on will give you many flavors of vegan icecream. If coconut is not your thing you could use almond milk (but then you will need an icecream machine)

Pic courtesy of feelgoodfoodie.net

Here, here and here you can find some amazing recipes..


Avocado Hummus

You can never go wrong with this great teaser! As you know humus is a sort of puree made of chickpeas. In some places they add garlic and in some other tahini. My favorite is Matha Stewart’s, watch.


As you can see, there is a world our there for avocado!!! And not necessarily is only for guacamole (however don’s miss next week the “50 best guacs ever” post).


Thank you for stopping by!


Happy cooking



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