What else we do?

Just For Sybarites is a dream came true. As a chef, foodie, traveler and writer I could finally put it all together to have a project in which I could develop my passion fully, from teaching to cooking, selling and of course writing.
Just For Sybarites is about passion and dedication to food and drinks; it’s about exploring, learing, enjoying and experimenting!
Those who would sacrifice hours for an incredible meal or would travel miles jut the get that wine or simply can snif a tea and travel, will definitely get my point!
Welcome to this voyage! Dive in into my world..
An interactive fun blog featuring stories, news, recipes, photography, interesting information and more related to the world of good eating and drinking.

Imagen9 - copia

A gourmet boutique online where to choose for unique, products. Whether they are handcrafted, organic, superfoods, rare spices, gluten free, vegan and so on, here is where to get them and easily have a place in Mexico City to pick them up.

Helping start-ups and advising restauranteurs and hoteliers to better develop their business. Whether it is by starting from scratch, evaluating and enhancing performance of an existing venue or designing and launching new products.
 Private cooking lessons for life. Getting to know the culture and ingredients to the source, acquiring culinary techniques and applying them. All at the comfort of your home


Throwing a party with the highest luxury in cuisine was never easier. Whether it is a fancy dinner, cocktail party or simply tea time, deliciously prepared dishes will come to your home.

An excellent choice for busy people who would like a restaurant experience at home, enjoying thematic dinners for up to 4.

Imagen5One bite, one world. A gourmet drinking-eating experience. Jelly shots taken to a different level.

Imagen6Choose a liquor, choose the spice, choose the sweetener, choose a name! You create, we infuse, we deliver, you enjoy.


High quality kitchen tools for chefs, sommeliers or people who simply loves the epicurean way of living. Choose from the boutique online, we deliver!

Imagen8 - copia

Discover the hidden world of Mexican wines. Have guided tastings for your and your guests, then choose your favorites from the boutique and have them delivered home.

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