January 2020

Welcome to #AYEARWITHACHEF this is January!

January 1st: Turkey tales

No video for this day since the idea was getting born however I decided to post about my new year’s turkey. Wondering why turkey duroing these dates? Read this amazing post! I will soon be sharing my own family recipe (if my mom allows it).

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Hope you had an amazing Xmas everyone!

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January 2nd: Campechano Tacos

Why are they called “campechanos”? In Mexico there is a state called Campeche where the sailors used to arrive and their go-to beverage was usually a mix of whatever was available in the house.. With time the term “campechano” (from Campeche state) was used to refer to things that had mixed ingredients, thus the campechano taco.

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Campechanos con copia, a Mexican classic

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January 3rd: Daily work for the food blog

A lot of people wonders what a blogger does and why sometimes we take a long time to write again.. It is not only the picture and video taking but also a lot of research in order to create real and quality content.

January 4th: Mexican bread is amazing!

When you think of Mexico you think of tacos but you never imagine that our bread is simply fantastic! Mexican cuisine has a lot of spanish influence but also french since the french army was in Mexico for quite some time for several battles such as the famous Puebla battle.


January 5th: Breakfast out of an empty fridge

Many many times chefs are asked to create extraordinary dishes with very little ingredients. In this day I ahow you how with a few ingredients you can come up with something instagramable and sharing worthy.


January 6th: Mexican Rosca de Reyes

A couple days ago we talked about how amazing mexican bread is and also the influences..  The rosca de reyes is a perfect example of this. For more visit the full post here… 

January 7th: La Morera culinary center

This place located under a bridge in Mexico City is a perfect excample of innovation, coworking and urban design. The use of space under the bridge is simply smart and the fact that you have at least 8 options where to eat makes it irresistible and easy to go in a group. Loved it.

January 8th: Trying cochinita pibil in Mexico City

Cochinita Pibil is a traditional dish from the mexican state of Yucatan and it is basically pulled pork that has been marinated in axiote (a paste made with anato seeds) and sour orange. Then it is cooked in a “pit” which is a subterranean oven typical to the Mayans (thus the name pibil).