Mystery guest, a movie

Today we will talk about the life of a mystery  guest (in case of a hotel) or mystery shopper for restaurants and other establishments. It is not an easy job and requires several qualifications such as being available at all times (thus not having a personal life), being knowledgeable on the functioning of the establishment…

Como agua para chocolate: a culinary romance

Smells,  love,  company, frustrations, anger, sex, secrets, sensations, memories.. This is what a kitchen (and this movie translated “Like water for chocolate” ) is all about.

Wine movie: A good year

  Wine brings people together, not only in social gatherings but in the family histories trapped inside. A film from 2006 based on a novel by Peter Mayle. A delicious easy movie with many laughs and iced hearted people that slowly get warmer drinking some homemade wine and enjoying remembrances of past memoires.

From wasted talent to Michelin star!

You would be surprised to know how much talent it is wasted around the wold. In several countries under different circumstances I have come across people that have a profession and a hobby. The profession they complete daily with an average performace  but their hobby… dear Lord they perfom with inadmissible perfection. Indeed, many people…

Food and breakups: delicious grief

There’s something about breakups that immediately involve food.  I have recently broken up with my fiancé (ish)  and instead of crashing in tears I got home cut some herbs from my garden and made myself a tea with honey and vanilla almond milk..  Played some music and suddenly everything fell back into place. I woke…