The most expensive dishes ever

How much would you be willing to pay for an exquisite delicacy? Here are some of the most expensive dishes you can find nowadays..

10 Weird Food Inventions

The world must be coming to an end.. these are the craziest, weirdest food inventions that are already rocking 2018..

Food and Beverage Trends 2018

Whoa! As a new year starts, sybarites all over the world are on fire with new ideas, colors, textures and inventions to keep up with the strict market that has a restless palate. Every year great researchers such as Mintel and Baum+Whiteman go over thousands of surveys, field observation and investigation in order to come…

Infographics to print!

I have selected for you the best infographics out there! Don’t forget to visit the Print Me! page to get access to a lot of very useful, easy to read (and to print) information about wine, dishes, conversions and more! Happy cooking! Italia

International Congress of Gastronomy

  When countries come together to share passion, feelings and ingredients a reaction coming from the alchemy of flavors, essences and languages happens instantaneously.

New recipe feature!

Dear Sybarites, check out our new feature for easy recipe printing! Go to categories then choose recipe and all these posts include now an easy to print step by step recipe format! Happy Cooking! Your host, Italia  

Proud to be featured at Le Cordon Bleu London

This morning I woke up to a post at Le Cordon Bleu London page where I could tell my story.. This stage of my life was a breaking point for me when I realized that it was the right path at the right place and of course at the right time! I was like a sponge…

Exciting News for Sybarites!!

Dear Sybarites, It is my pleasure to share with you the new private cooking lessons for sybarites! If you want to check out the categories you may choose from visit Cooking Just For Sybarites!  The site is still under construction but you can get an idea! Starting June 2015, Mexico City and August 2015 available online! Happy…

Apps for Foodies/Winelovers/Beerlovers/Sybarites!!

Phones and tablets are a body part and they travel with us everywhere literally, hence there are many great apps that have been developed to make our lives easier and also to educate us on several matters such as wine, artisanal beers and the making of several great dishes. Here some of my favorites to…

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Boxing day..

As the season turns sparkly and the shopping turns crazy, let’s take a quick look at what Black Friday and Cyber Monday looked like this year and what is next to come for Boxing day. As far as Black Friday, this year it seems like only electronics retailers (such as Best Buy) hit the spot, even…