The most expensive dishes ever

How much would you be willing to pay for an exquisite delicacy? Here are some of the most expensive dishes you can find nowadays..

Kopi Luwak (Luwak Coffee)

What is so special about this coffee and why is it so expensive? Lets look into this Indonesian poop jewel…

Mystery guest, a movie

Today we will talk about the life of a mystery  guest (in case of a hotel) or mystery shopper for restaurants and other establishments. It is not an easy job and requires several qualifications such as being available at all times (thus not having a personal life), being knowledgeable on the functioning of the establishment…

Tiny guide to Mezcal

It is about time to write about mezcal, tequila’s cousin I would dare to say. The plant they come from (agave) may look similar, however the making process such as taste and other characteristics are completely different.

Travel blog!

  Even though it is in Spanish it is totally worth to read my travel blog “Viajar, comer, contar” a graphic compilation of tales from extraordinary places with amazing people and of course gorgeous food!! Happy traveling! Italia

Oaxaca, a culinary paradise.

  The more I travel, the more I fall in love with my country.. not only our art, clothing, dance and music are exquisite but also and (for me) most important is the fact that we have as many cuisines as cultures. This time I had the chance to travel to Oaxaca, a state in the southeast of Mexico…

Xocolatl: Ancient Chocolate

For years throughout time, we have had a friend that has accompanied us in the good and the bad, through depressions and celebrations.. we have received it as presents and admired it in shop-windows.. such loyal friend is older than we can imagine and trust me it’s here to stay. Yes we are talking about…