Apple chips!

Looking for a light, delicious crunchy snack that you can munch on without guilt? Here the easiest recipe ever to make apple chips.

Lettucedillas for low carb diet

So you are on a low carb diet? That can be a pain! Here’s an easy idea on something delicious.. Lettucedillas! Drop in a bowl some Chihuahua, Oaxaca or Manchego cheese (any cheese that melts will do), add a bunch of cherry tomatoes cut in half, some green chili sliced and aromatic herbs (I used…

What to eat and drink on a rainy day

There are several types of rain.. If you live in London or Seattle you know what I mean. In Thailand when it rains it pours for five minutes then sun comes out again, shiny and warm, same in Cancun for example but when I lived in Seattle and London I came to know the tiny…

Why do we neutralize flavors?

The perfect companion to tacos is lime. No doubt about it but why do we like certain flavors together? We have a natural tendency to neutralize flavors, which means balancing the flavors we get together on our palates. This is not only a matter of flavor but it goes beyond towards the obscure fields of…

Food nurtures your soul

How beautiful can a sunset be if you have food with it… Just a thought for today.. How many times have you had a shity day and when you arrive home mom was waiting with a warm bowl of soup or a  nice aromatic cup of tea? Do you remember the feeling? What about a…

Oaxaca, a culinary paradise.

  The more I travel, the more I fall in love with my country.. not only our art, clothing, dance and music are exquisite but also and (for me) most important is the fact that we have as many cuisines as cultures. This time I had the chance to travel to Oaxaca, a state in the southeast of Mexico…

Marmelades n’ Jams!

Marmalades, jams, compotes.. all delicious fruity complements to spread on bread, toast, crackers or (like me) to simply eat it with a spoon. Here some easy recipes to follow!


Many are amazed by how incredibly large Mexican breakfasts can be! Here I feature one of the greatest inventions ever. Easy to prepare, easy to convert into a vegan dish, delicious to enjoy and perfect for a nasty hangover.

Como agua para chocolate: a culinary romance

Smells,  love,  company, frustrations, anger, sex, secrets, sensations, memories.. This is what a kitchen (and this movie translated “Like water for chocolate” ) is all about.

Infographics to print!

I have selected for you the best infographics out there! Don’t forget to visit the Print Me! page to get access to a lot of very useful, easy to read (and to print) information about wine, dishes, conversions and more! Happy cooking! Italia

Fun & healthy salads? It’s possible!

Our ancestors, the Australopithecus were vegan, that is a fact. With the centuries we became more and more meat consumers but the truth is that eating salads is a prize for our body! giving our digestive system a break is always very much appreciated. However we have the wrong idea that salads are boring and tasteless, so…