Como agua para chocolate: a culinary romance

Smells,  love,  company, frustrations, anger, sex, secrets, sensations, memories.. This is what a kitchen (and this movie translated “Like water for chocolate” ) is all about.

Infographics to print!

I have selected for you the best infographics out there! Don’t forget to visit the Print Me! page to get access to a lot of very useful, easy to read (and to print) information about wine, dishes, conversions and more! Happy cooking! Italia

Fun & healthy salads? It’s possible!

Our ancestors, the Australopithecus were vegan, that is a fact. With the centuries we became more and more meat consumers but the truth is that eating salads is a prize for our body! giving our digestive system a break is always very much appreciated. However we have the wrong idea that salads are boring and tasteless, so…

International Congress of Gastronomy

  When countries come together to share passion, feelings and ingredients a reaction coming from the alchemy of flavors, essences and languages happens instantaneously.

Gourmet products for a good cause

This September 3, 4 and 5 at Mexico City’s World Trade Center a great expo for foodies and wine lovers will take place. Over 500 producers of delicious and unique products from all the country will be there to showcase their craft.

Wine movie: A good year

  Wine brings people together, not only in social gatherings but in the family histories trapped inside. A film from 2006 based on a novel by Peter Mayle. A delicious easy movie with many laughs and iced hearted people that slowly get warmer drinking some homemade wine and enjoying remembrances of past memoires.

Making your own Limoncello!

Limoncello, the signature refreshment in south Italy, keeps giving talk at italian tables while claiming paternity of this jewel. People from Amalfi, Capri, Salerno and Sicily (amongst others) strongly believe they were the ones to come up with the idea.

New recipe feature!

Dear Sybarites, check out our new feature for easy recipe printing! Go to categories then choose recipe and all these posts include now an easy to print step by step recipe format! Happy Cooking! Your host, Italia  

Mexican “guisados” for tacos

Some friends addicted to Mexican food asked me to give a couple of recipes of  dishes that can be eaten as tacos, so here I narrate the step by step of a few delicious “guisados”.

Proud to be featured at Le Cordon Bleu London

This morning I woke up to a post at Le Cordon Bleu London page where I could tell my story.. This stage of my life was a breaking point for me when I realized that it was the right path at the right place and of course at the right time! I was like a sponge…

Chilacayote stuffed with orange infused quinoa

Chilacayote squash stuffed with an orange infused quinoa, some mushrooms and a little cheese (only quit to cheese to make it vegan). Finally a tomato sauce. Chilacayote is a type of squash that looks like a watermelon on the outside and white with black seeds on the inside.