The most expensive dishes ever

How much would you be willing to pay for an exquisite delicacy? Here are some of the most expensive dishes you can find nowadays..

Food and Beverage Trends 2018

Whoa! As a new year starts, sybarites all over the world are on fire with new ideas, colors, textures and inventions to keep up with the strict market that has a restless palate. Every year great researchers such as Mintel and Baum+Whiteman go over thousands of surveys, field observation and investigation in order to come…

Wine Etiquette: Decanting a wine

The whole idea behind decanting  wine is to get rid of the sediments that may have appeared through time and to aerate or oxygen the wine faster in order to allow the aroma molecules to explode.

Oaxaca, a culinary paradise.

  The more I travel, the more I fall in love with my country.. not only our art, clothing, dance and music are exquisite but also and (for me) most important is the fact that we have as many cuisines as cultures. This time I had the chance to travel to Oaxaca, a state in the southeast of Mexico…

Gourmet products for a good cause

This September 3, 4 and 5 at Mexico City’s World Trade Center a great expo for foodies and wine lovers will take place. Over 500 producers of delicious and unique products from all the country will be there to showcase their craft.

Mexican “guisados” for tacos

Some friends addicted to Mexican food asked me to give a couple of recipes of  dishes that can be eaten as tacos, so here I narrate the step by step of a few delicious “guisados”.

Chilacayote stuffed with orange infused quinoa

Chilacayote squash stuffed with an orange infused quinoa, some mushrooms and a little cheese (only quit to cheese to make it vegan). Finally a tomato sauce. Chilacayote is a type of squash that looks like a watermelon on the outside and white with black seeds on the inside.

Exciting News for Sybarites!!

Dear Sybarites, It is my pleasure to share with you the new private cooking lessons for sybarites! If you want to check out the categories you may choose from visit Cooking Just For Sybarites!  The site is still under construction but you can get an idea! Starting June 2015, Mexico City and August 2015 available online! Happy…

Chia vanilla pudding

An amazing and quite healthy dessert you can make with this seeds it’s a vanilla pudding. Simply mix the ingredients and stir until the chia starts to glutin then leave in the fridge, as easy as that.

Chia: Queen Seed

What if you could find Omega 3, phosphorus, manganese, protein, fibre, calcium and the energy of an espresso in a healthy, non processed, gluten free, caffeine free product? The Aztecs got it right once again with Chia seeds, one of the most powerful superfoods there are. This millenary tiny seed (1mm long) is the dream…

Chaya chips!

I have received many emails asking for recipes on healthy snacks. We have all heard the hustle behind kale chips, as delicious and natural as it is I thought I could improve them and used chaya instead. Chaya is a plant local to tropical weathers. It is a pointy leaf that grows as a bush of…