Chiles en Nogada

Well September is here and it is time for an international favorite, chiles en nogada! There are many versions of the recipe (here I present three), but it is believed that the original one originated in the city of Puebla around 1821 and it was developed by the nons of the Saint Monica convent. It…

Oaxaca, a culinary paradise.

  The more I travel, the more I fall in love with my country.. not only our art, clothing, dance and music are exquisite but also and (for me) most important is the fact that we have as many cuisines as cultures. This time I had the chance to travel to Oaxaca, a state in the southeast of Mexico…


Many are amazed by how incredibly large Mexican breakfasts can be! Here I feature one of the greatest inventions ever. Easy to prepare, easy to convert into a vegan dish, delicious to enjoy and perfect for a nasty hangover.

Chilacayote stuffed with orange infused quinoa

Chilacayote squash stuffed with an orange infused quinoa, some mushrooms and a little cheese (only quit to cheese to make it vegan). Finally a tomato sauce. Chilacayote is a type of squash that looks like a watermelon on the outside and white with black seeds on the inside.