Who is Italia?



Italia Rodriguez Lima, a Mexican chef who loves travelling, music, writing, exploring the world and trying new things is here to share with you some thoughts, history and experiences in the culinary world.

She was born on February 1985 and has visited over 20 countries since. She quotes: “Living abroad opened my craving for adventure since I was young. Being the one with all the crazy ideas I always felt like jumping into the unknown”.

Her first encounter with the cuisine was very young when still a little girl, she loved baking all shapes of cookies and helping in the kitchen.


Italia studied culinary arts at Le Cordon Bleu in London, graduating Grand Diplome in 2006.


During the same year she flew to Thailand to discover a new universe of tradition and spices.

After some time, a few jobs in restaurants and hotels such as Les Moustaches, Carolo, Me by Melia and Rosewood Mayakoba she realized she actually liked hospitality quite a bit so she moved to Switzerland where she studied a Bachelor on International Business Administration in Hospitality and Tourism at Cesar Ritz, graduating second of her class.


Her passion for the epicurean has allowed her to continue with her career internationally, always sharing her funny stories and knowledge as she goes by. On the side she owns the company BeYou® of gourmet jelly shots and edible shot glasses.


Not only food and beverage live in her heart but also music. Her dedication to good music started when she was 8 y.o. when her classic piano lessons started. Later on her mother gave her an electric bass for her 14th birthday and rock arrived into her life. Once in Greenwich, London jazz took over and she started her path as a singer at 18 y.o.

Being such a creative person, it was hard for her not to try other arts.. Italia writes short stories and criminal novels. Her first publishing was at a national Mexican newspaper at the age of 8 y.o. where a story called “El Sapocuajo” came public. She has not been brave enough to publish since, despite of her friends and family wanting her to do so.

Her warm heart, open mind and easy going spirit has inspired this blog which hopefully you all will enjoy!

P.S. Yes, I did write this myself I must confess….

I give you my heart within this blog

Your host,

Italia Rodriguez

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