Apple chips!


Looking for a light, delicious crunchy snack that you can munch on without guilt? Here the easiest recipe ever to make apple chips.

First choose the apple you like the most, beware that green apples are more acidic and contain less sugar! I
like Golden Delicious or Granny Smith (they get a nice caramel taste when baked).

Wash them thoroughly and slice them using a mandolin so they are even and thin.


Cover your tray either with parchment paper for baking, silicon mat or use Pam.

Place them evenly on the tray without overlapping and sprinkle with cinnamon. If you want it to be a sweeter treat sprinkle stevia too.


Place in the oven at 180° and watch them closely, they can get burnt really fast!


If they start to wrinkle and they get a nice caramel color (not dark brown like these of the last picture) then they are ready.  Even if they feel still soft, take them out of the oven and place them into a rack or a wooden board to cool down and get dry. As they cool down they will get crispy.


Some like sprinkling some cayenne pepper to make them slightly salty, that’s great too but I recommend using green apple instead.

Remember you’ll need:


Pam, apples, cinnamon, stevia.




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