Wine Etiquette: Holding a wine glass


Many say the way you hold your glass will show your class, but not really it only shows that you have common sense. The average warmth of the body is 98.6 °F (37 °C) and the accurate temperatures for wines to be drunk vary.

Lets take a quick look..


To all of this you just have to remember the bowl of the wine glass is sacred, the stem is your friend. The more your hand is in contact with the wine through the glass, the temperature will raise slowly and the taste, aromas, alcohol content and so on will be affected. Some like to grab the base of the glass so that it is easier to swirl and watch the color, consistency and so on. Pinky up? this is just a snobbish touch you may give to your style but as far as you keep your warm hand away of the bowl you are good.


An excellent wine blog gives us the four basic ways to correctly hold your glass of wine:

hold-glass-at-baseholding-foot-of-glass   hold-glass-at-stemthumb-and-forefinger

Part of the etiquette relies on the fact of keeping your wineglass as neat as possible, this is if eating with your hands not touching the bowl to end up with a nasty looking beverage. This applies too to the drinking, try to drink from the same spot each time to keep it clean (specially those wearing colorful, greasy lipstick)


If you happen to be drinking from stemless wine glasses, treat it like a normal water glass but trying to hold it towards the base and leaving it rapidly on the table. If using a stemless glass pour smaller amounts of wine to enjoy the right temperature.


If you are drinking other beverages such as cognac and brandy, you will notice that the glass has a shorter stem and larger bowl; this is called snifter and it is particularly designed to sniff the aromas of the beverage. You will see in many movies how gentleman hold these by the bowl, well it is not incorrect to start it up but holding it like this for too long will warm it up too much and we must remember how fast alcohol evaporates and shadows the fruit, caramel and tobacco aromas since alcohol is harsher on our noses.


For great advice on how to store wine correctly go here, also for a short guide on how to serve wine at the right temperature go here.

Remember don’t be a..



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